Building a Positive Image For Young People 
Protect Yourself
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Why we want to do this project
The local community will also benefit from the project as the aim is to develop the young people into respectful young citizens who will look out for others and be the role models for their peers to look to. The venue will be the ‘St Mark’s Church Centre’, Rose Lane, Marks Gate, Romford.
Where there are few facilities and affordable activities for the young people and youth in the area during the school holidays, the project is designed to provide affordable activities that bring the local community together in a positive secure environment where they are given the opportunities to achieve, develop their self-confidence and respect for their community.  Young people (6yrs – 11yrs) and youths (12yrs – 18yrs) are the target group and they will benefit by having a positive activity during the school holidays that may also lead to them taking up karate or other activities in the future as a life choice.
It will engage them during the school holidays in a structured programme of activities that will help and encourage them to respect themselves and others and provide mentoring. Dealing with Knife Crime and Bullying being the main focus. The activities will include experiencing a martial art (karate) and its ethos regarding self-development, resilience, respect of self and others and providing the foundations to develop self-confidence and a positive mind- set to deal with adversity. The programme will also provide sessions to coach the young people the importance of personal safety and protection of self and others and how to deal with challenging situations such as bullying, conflict, gangs and knife crime through non-confrontational techniques. Basic Self-Defence activities will provide them with some basic skills to use as last a resort if in danger. Finally, the project will also provide opportunities to experience the sporting aspects of karate where they can, if they choose, continue as a regular sports activity.
This Project is Designed for Young People, especially Our Youths.
Protect Yourself - AWESOME
What this Course Offers
The Young People and Youths will Benefit from Taking Part finding out How To: Deal with Adversity & Challenging Situations Deal with Bullying Deal with Conflicts Avoid the lure of Gangs Not be a Victim of Knife Crime Take Control of Emergency Situations 999 Keeping Fit and Looking After Themselves Develop Skills to help them get out of Situations as a ‘Last Resort’
Focus of Activities
Structured Programme of Activities including: Martial Art (Karate) Self Defence First Aid Fun Fit Mentoring The Legal Bit
Protect Yourself - AWESOME Protect Yourself - AWESOME
Outcomes for Participants 
Taking Part in the Course
Some of the Key Things the Young People and Youths will Know by the End of the Course: Know How to Keep Away From Trouble How and why they should Look Out for Themselves and Others Know how to Respect Themselves and Others Become more aware of the Importance of Positive Family and Community Relationships Responsibility for Themselves, their Decisions and Actions Learn Strategies to make them more Resilient
Protect Yourself - AWESOME
“Knife carrying puts your future in Danger”
“The Impact of violence & Knife Crime on our Youth”
“When I woke up in hospital from being stabbed, my dad was looking down at me. The look on his face just broke my heart.” “I pulled my knife thinking it would protect me. It just made the situation worse and I was stabbed.”
“The Risks of Knife Carrying”
Carrying a knife can mean four years in prison, even if you don't use it. You can get a criminal record just for carrying a knife. Carrying an offensive weapon, like a knife, is a serious offence and carrying it for self-protection is not a defence. Carrying a knife doesn’t just have an impact on you; it can affect your family and friends too. Employers may be less likely to employ someone with a criminal record. Countries such as the USA and Canada may not allow someone with a criminal record in, even just on holiday. Carry a weapon and it could be used against you.
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Safeguarding Children
We take the welfare of all children seriously and have a comprehensive Safeguarding Policy which has a clear framework outlining the legal requirements reguarding working with children and vulnerable adults. ALL of our Coaches and Assistant Coaches have been checked with the DBS and have recieved ‘Safeguarding’ training..
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Man stabbed in the face in Chadwell Heath found with  10cm knife in his eye
“We must do something to Educate our Youths”
RECORDER Last week at Snaresbrook Crown Court he admitted threatening a person with a blade in a public place and today he was jailed for 18 months. Acting Det Insp Dean Grafton, investigating officer, said: “Cabey’s actions, which took place in a public place where numerous families with children were enjoying an evening out, were utterly abhorrent. “Armed with a large knife, he pursued his victim for a sustained period of time showing absolutely no regard for the safety and wellbeing of those around him. “Knife crime will not be tolerated and thanks to the swift actions of officers from Romford Town Centre, an off duty officer and members of the public, Cabey was arrested. Good work during the subsequent investigation by the CID ensured Cabey was made to face the consequences of his actions.”
While some young people pick up a knife to feel safer, they don’t realise that carrying makes them more likely to get into serious danger. A knife can escalate things way out of your control, and make a bad situation much worse. It might not always seem like it, but putting down the knife will make you safer and help you to reach your full potential. Don’t let prison or serious injury stop you achieving your goals.
When you carry a knife, you are risking everything. Prison, being a victim of crime and even ending up in hospital are all real risks. Beyond this, knife crime has devastating personal effects on you, your friends, and your family.
Protect Yourself - AWESOME
Martial Arts (Karate)
Karate is a Martial Arts system in which all the possible movements of the human body are used. This makes Karate an ideal exercise for physical fitness; it could be said that Karate is a: Physical Exercise Self Defence Sport Way of Life It is important that progression in Karate is not rushed but developed at each stage.
Anyone can practise Karate. People train for many different reasons, however, the benefits will include the following: Fostering self discipline Boost socialisation skills Encouraging Physical Activity Learning to Set and Achieve Goals Increased Self Esteem Instilling a Sense of Respect Improving Listening Skills Developing Team Skills Improvement in other areas of life SELF DEFENCE
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Martial Arts (Karate)
Structured Activity Positive Karate Ethos Regular Training Self Development Building Self Confidence Positive Attitude Improvement in other Sports Become a Positive Role Model Sport OR Way of Life Or BOTH
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Our Instructors/Coaches and Students have also achieved major success and been members of the National Karate Squad.
Children who TrainToday, could well be an Olympian of the Future.
TOKYO 2020
Martial Arts (Karate)
Our Instructors/Coaches have between them, Many English, British, European and World Titles.
Sport Successes
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Martial Arts (Karate)
“There’s not much difference between traditional and sport karate”. Basics, in any style of karate, is the same. Whether it is Shotokan, Wado-Ryu, Kyokushinkai or any style. The difference starts in the ‘performance’ of the techniques. Not just the body, but actually the mind behind the performance.
Traditional V’s Sport Karate
is set on scoring a point against an opponent, with a  well placed, well timed technique in order to become  a champion or to get a trophy. Sport karate also has a  set of rules which determin what is needed to win.The  traditional idea of self defence is gone. The “winning”  comes in the first place. Reality and surviving has gone.
is focused on self-defence, the killing blow or survival. Every move in traditional karate has a meaning, it’s  meant for survival. The mind controls the moves, while  the action itself is purely self protection or self-defense.
Each aspect of karate supports and enhances the other. Traditional trains the mind and body to be technically  competent and strong, whilst Sports allows you to train for speed and stamina as well as many other things.
Traditional Karate
Sport Karate
Kicking, Punching & Blocking
Protect Yourself - AWESOME
Know the Importance of Personal Safety and How to Stay Safe Know How to Look Confident and Not be a Victim Know Non-Confrontational Techniques - Just Walk Away Know how to Protect Yourself and Others Learn Basic Self Defence Skills and What to do as a Last Resort
Self Defence
Benefits of Self Defence Training
‘You Have a Choice’
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Self Defence
What do we mean by ‘Self Defence’?
Self Defence is about knowing what happens BEFORE a fight begins, BEFORE you find yourself in trouble.
What we Teach
It’s about how you use your Head - Mental techniques that keep you from doing Dangerous Things, help you see trouble coming before it happens, and Get Out of Bad Spots before things get worse.
‘The best way to win a fight in not to get in it in the first place’
‘The best way to get out of trouble is to avoid getting in it in the first place’
Awareness Alertness Avoidance Anticipation Action
The 5 A’s of Self Defence Awareness
Last Resort Techniques
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First Aid for Children
Emergencies & First Aid
Sprains and strains, cuts and bruises, broken bones and asthma attacks… It sometimes seems that there’s no end of scrapes that children can get into. But would your child know what to do if one of their friends had an accident or emergency?
‘If your child knows nothing else, teaching them how to call an ambulance is really important and could save lives,’
Learning a few basic skills could help your child make a real difference in an emergency. We offer some advice on the First Aid techniques that could turn them into a lifesaver.
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The team
Who We Are
BS (Hons) Cultural Studies (Social & Community work) Special Educational Needs Teacher – The Warren School PTTLS Level 4 Professional Sports Coach Youth Worker/Activity Leader City & Guilds Cert – Recreation and Leisure (Distinction) 5 Dan Black Belt Karate – Instructing for 30+ years Association Karate Referee NSPCC Certificate ‘Child Protection in Sport’ BTEC Level 4 Self Defence Instructor Chief IKC Karate Coach London Borough Youth Games Coach for Barking & Dagenham and Redbridge World, European,British and English Karate titles + EKF Squad London Borough Barking and Dagenham ‘Coach of the Year 2002’ London Borough Redbridge ‘Sports Person of the Year’ (1994 & 1999) British Universities Karate Championships 1999 Competitor of tournament award Combat Magazine ‘Competitor of the Event Award’ (English Karate Championships 1993)
BS (Hons) Technology (QTS) Qualified Teacher Status (Secondary) (First Class) Senior IKC Karate Coach Advanced Certificate Educational Research - Cambridge Advanced GNVQ Leisure & Tourism Professional Sports Coach 4 Dan Black Belt Karate – Instructing for 40+ years British Karate Referee Qualified Youth Worker NSPCC Certificate ‘Child Protection in Sport’ BTEC Level 4 Self Defence Instructor IKC Administrator London Borough Youth Games Coach for Barking & Dagenham L B Barking and Dagenham Coach of the Year 1999 L B Barking and Dagenham Squad of the Year 
1 Dan Black Belt Karate – Instructing for 10+ years. Assistant Coach BTEC Level 4 Self Defence Instructor
Protect Yourself - AWESOME